Moldavian Journal of the Physical Sciences

2002volume 1number 1



Bulk Semiconductors and Dielectric Materials

Heterostructures, Superlattices and Nanostructures

Condensed Matter Theory

Bulk Semiconductors and Dielectric Materialstop

E. K. Arushanov, E. Bucher, K. G. Lisunov, J. H. Schon, G. A. Thomas
Hopping conductivity and magnetoresistance of n-CuGaSe2
[abs, pdf] 7
Le Van Khoi, M. Sawicki, K. Dybko, T. Story, T. Dietl, J. Kossut, R.R. Galazka
Electrical and magnetic properties of phosphorus doped bulk Zn1-xMnxTe
[abs, pdf] 11
E.P. Skipetrov, N.A. Chernova, L.A. Skipetrova, A.V. Golubev, E.I. Slyn'ko
Kinetics of magnetic Yb3+ ion formation in Pb1-x-yGexYbyTe alloys
[abs, pdf] 15
E.P.Skipetrov, E.A.Zvereva, N.A.Chernova, B.B.Kovalev, O.S.Volkova, E.I.Slyn'ko
Electronic structure of gallium-doped lead telluride based alloys
[abs, pdf] 19
R. P. Zhitaru, V. A. Rahvalov
Correlation of the microhardness and relaxation process changes within the MgO crystal deformation zone, arising under concentrated load action
[abs, pdf] 23
A. Avdonin, P. Gashin, G. Ivanova, D. Nedeoglo, N. Nedeoglo, V. Ryjikov, V. Sirkeli
Influence of isovalent Te impurity on luminescence properties of ZnSe:Te crystals
[abs, pdf] 31
A. Avdonin, D. Nedeoglo, N. Nedeoglo, V. Sirkeli
Electron mobility in n-ZnSe crystals. Comparison of theory with experiment
[abs, pdf] 35
A. Avdonin, P. Gashin, D. Nedeoglo, N. Nedeoglo, V. Ryjikov, V. Sirkeli
Electrical properties of ZnSe:Te crystals
[abs, pdf] 40
A. Gubanova, Ts. Kryskov, S. Levytskyi, I. Lysyi, N. Polianchuk
Technology of synthesis and photoelectric properties of As2S3 and As2Se3 compounds
[abs, pdf] 44
A.I.Belogorokhov, I.S.Zakharov, A.F. Knjazev, A.V. Kochura
Reflectivity spectra of Cd3-xZnxAs2 monocrystals in infrared region
[abs, pdf] 48
I.S.Zakharov, A.F. Knjazev, A.V. Kochura, S.F. Marenkin
Growth and characterization of Cd3-xZnxAs2 undoped and Se -doped films
[abs, pdf] 50
I. Evtodiev
Study of electronic states in crystals GaSe (Cd, Sn)
[abs, pdf] 52
I. Evtodiev, M. Petrov, P. Lozovanu, M. Caraman
Photoluminescence of GaSe and InSe (Cd)
[abs, pdf] 57
S. Polosan, T. Tsuboi, V. Topa
Influence of alkali impurities on the optical spectra of T-centres
[abs, pdf] 61
V. Topa, E. Apostol, M. Enculescu, E. Vasile
Gold nanocrystals in potassium chloride crystals
[abs, pdf] 65
E. Apostol, V. Topa
Electrolytically coloured KCl:Ga+crystals
[abs, pdf] 69
G. Volodina, S. Muntean, V. Zhitar, E. Arama, A. Machuga, T. Shemyakova
Preparation and luminescence in ZnGa2O4
[abs, pdf] 73
L. Bruk, V. Korotkov, P. Ketrush, R. Sobolevskaya, K. Sushkevich
Time dependent PL of ZnS based luminophors
[abs, pdf] 76
L. Bruk, V. Korotkov, P. Ketrush, R. Sobolevskaya, K. Sushkevich
Mn doping of ZnS single crystals from Bi melt
[abs, pdf] 80
M.S. Iovu, S.D. Shutov, A.M. Andriesh, E.I. Kamitsos, C.P.E. Varsamis, D. Furniss, A.B. Seddon, M. Popescu
Chalcogenide vitreous semiconductors doped with metals: Properties and applications
[abs, pdf] 84
A. Popescu
Measurement of thermal conductivity in AsXS100-X semiconductor compound using laser beam
[abs, pdf] 96
Heterostructures, Superlattices and Nanostructurestop
A. Casian, Z. Dashevsky, V. Kantser, H. Scherrer, I. Sur
Thermoelectric figure of merit of n-type PbTe/Pb1-xEuxTe quantum wells
[abs, pdf] 100
F. Iacomi
EPR studies of Cu2+ ion in chabazite
[abs, pdf] 106
F. Iacomi, M. Caraman
MnS clusters encapsulated in zeolites
[abs, pdf] 111
H. Chiriac, A. E. Moga, M. Urse
Structure and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline (Fe1-xCox)73.5Cu1Nb3Si12.5B10 powders
[abs, pdf] 116
A. Belenchuk, O. Shapoval, A. Fedorov and V. Kantser
HWBE growth of PbTe/CdTe superlattices on BaF2/CaF2/Si(111) substrates
[abs, pdf] 120
M. Rusu, S. Sadewasser, Th. Glatzel, P. Gashin, A. Jäger-Waldau, A. Simashkevich, M.Ch. Lux-Steiner
Interface characterization of flash and CVD prepared ZnSe/CuGaSe2 heterojunctions
[abs, pdf] 124
Condensed Matter Theorytop
J. T. Devreese, E. P. Pokatilov, V. M. Fomin, V. N. Gladilin
Photoluminescence spectra of quantum dots: Enhanced probabilities of phonon-assisted transitions
[abs, pdf] 128
V. R. Misko, V. M. Fomin, J. T. Devreese
Enhancement of critical magnetic field in superconducting nanostructures
[abs, pdf] 134
V.A.Moskalenko, P.Entel, M.Marinaro, D.Digor, N.B.Perkins, C.Holtfort
Thermodynamical properties of the periodic Anderson model
[abs, pdf] 140
I. Beloussov
Decay of intense polariton wave in direct-gap semiconductors
[abs, pdf] 144
L.V. Arapan
Full set of equations for time dynamics of nonequilibrium photons, excitons and biexcitons in quasi-2D quantum well
[abs, pdf] 148
A.V. Corovai, P.I. Khadzhi, O.V. Korovai, D.V. Tkachenko
Autler-Townes splitting of biexcitons in CuCl
[abs, pdf] 152
V.Z.Tronciu, R.A.Abram
Excitable behaviour of exciton-biexciton system in nonlinear ring cavity
[abs, pdf] 157
M.A. Knyazev, D.I. Gavris
Two-kink states of magnetic moment density in ferromagnet
[abs, pdf] 161
G. Chuiko, V. Ivchenko, A. Sergeev, Y. Slavinskaya
Landau levels' arrangement for small gap tetragonal materials without symmetry center
[abs, pdf] 164
I.I. Geru, V.C. Bulimaga
Spin-dependent scattering of excitons on magnetc nuclei in cubic and hexagonal semiconductors
[abs, pdf] 168

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