Moldavian Journal of the Physical Sciences

2002volume 1number 2



Metals, Superconductors and Organic Materials

Solid State Device Physics

Thin Films and Wires

Metals, Superconductors and Organic Materialstop
A. K.Ray, S.M.Tracey, A.K.Hassan, S.T.Shishiyanu, T.S.Shishiyanu
Solar cells on organic/nonorganic semiconductor heterostructures
[abs, pdf] 5
Environment of nodes Cu(1) in tetragonal lattices Y1-xCaxBa2-yLayCu3O6+z
[abs, pdf] 11
Spatial distribution of electrons in a lattice Nd2-xCexCuO4
[abs, pdf] 15
F.M.Muntyanu, Yu.A.Dubkovetskii, A.Gilewski, A.E.Gheorghita, E.F.Molosnic, P.A.Petrenco
Peculiarity of semiconductor-semimetal transition in magnetic field in bicrystals of Bi1-x Sbx (0,08 £  x £ 0,12) alloys
[abs, pdf] 17
F.M.Muntyanu, Yu.A.Dubkovetskii
Influence of point defects on quantum oscillation amplitude of thermomagnetic power in Sb and semimetallic Asx Sb1-x ( x £ 0.1) alloys
[abs, pdf] 20
A.Farkas, S.Novaconi.
Stochastic model of droplet growth in vapor phase
[abs, pdf] 23
S.N.Fedosov, A.E.Sergeeva
Corona poling of ferroelectric and nonlinear optical polymers
[abs, pdf] 28
V.Skvortsova, N.Mironova-Ulmane, U.Ulmanis, G.Bandurkina
Transition metal oxide crystal growth and optical properties
[abs, pdf] 32
N.Maazi, N.Rouag
Modelling of grain growth in Fe-3%Si sheets
[abs, pdf] 36
P.Vlaic, E.Burzo
Electronic structures and magnetic properties of Rn+1Co3n+5B2n (n=0, 1, 2, 3 and ¥) compounds with R=Y and Gd
[abs, pdf] 40
H.Huhtinen, R.Laiho, K.G.Lisunov, V.N.Stamov, V.S.Zakhvalinskii
Magnetoresistance of La0.7Ca0.3MnO3
[abs, pdf] 46
V.V.Covaliov, O.V.Covaliova, M.V.Ivanov
Study of nanocatalysts obtaining from metal-containing solutions
[abs, pdf] 50
I.I.Geru, Z.I.Ghilan, I.T.Dihor, L.A.Konopko.
Influence of Er-Ca substitution on phase content, resistivity and paraconductivity of 2223 Bi-based HTSC
[abs, pdf] 53
Solid State Device Physicstop
V.Iakovlev, G.Suruceanu, A.Sirbu, E.Kapon
Characteristics of the wafer-fused long-wavelength VCSEL structures
[abs, pdf] 57
A.Sirbu, V.Iakovlev, E.Kapon
Electrically and optically pumped VCSELS for optical communications
[abs, pdf] 61
Models of stimulated diffusion in semiconductors
[abs, pdf] 67
Surface states in crystalline InSb: their role in HTSC - semiconductor contacts for diode detectors
[abs, pdf] 71
A.Buzdugan, E.Mitsu, A.Andriesh, A.Buzdugan
Establishment of international nuclear information system - branch of the Republic of Moldova
[abs, pdf] 75
A.Mereuta, G. Le Roux, C.Mériadec, L.Largeau, G.Saint-Girons, C.Symonds, J.L. Oudar, I.Sagnes
InP/AlGaInAs distributed Bragg reflector: high potential for 1.55 Ám VCSELs
[abs, pdf] 78
M.Russu, N.Jula,G.Marina
Theorethical and practical issues upon evolution of microtechnology towards nanotechnology
[abs, pdf] 82
M.Pletea, H.Chiriac
Use of magnetostrictive amorphous alloy/insulator multilayers in magneto-surface-acoustic-wave microdevices
[abs, pdf] 92
A.Caliman, G.Ungaro, A.Ramdane, J. C. Harmand
SQW InGaNAs/GaAs laser diodes grown by MBE
[abs, pdf] 96
A.Simashkevich, I.Tsiulyanu, A.Sprinchean
Determination of surface recombination velocity at ZnIn2S4 - H2O(S2/S22-) interface
[abs, pdf] 100
Thin Films and Wirestop
C.Deville Cavellin , M.Dorget, C.F.Beuran, X.Z.Xu, M. Laguës
Structure and transport properties of spin ladder cuprate thin films synthesized by molecular beam epitaxy
[abs, pdf] 104
L.Leontie, G I.Rusu, M.Delibas, I. Olariu, M. Roman, N.Apetroaie, M. Tasca
Electrical properties of some new organic semiconductors in thin films
[abs, pdf] 110
M.S.Iovu, S.D.Shutov
Relaxation of photodarkening in amorphous As-Se films doped with metals
[abs, pdf] 114
H.Chiriac, M.Urse, M.Lozovan
Electrical and transport properties of FeBSi amorphous thin films
[abs, pdf] 118
H.Chiriac, M.Urse, A.E.Moga, M.Lozovan, M.Pletea
On structural, electrical and magnetic properties of Fe-Zr- Nb-N(O) thin films
[abs, pdf] 122
H.Chiriac, M. Neagu, M.Vazquez, E.Hristoforou, M.Fecioru Morariu
Magnetostrictive behaviour of Co72.5-XFeXSi12.5B15 glass covered amorphous wires
[abs, pdf] 126
A. Popescu
Structure modeling of chalcogenide vitreous films by computational chemistry program
[abs, pdf] 130
A.Casian, V.Dusciac, R.Dusciac, Iu.Coropceanu
Thermoelectric figure of merit of quasi-one-dimensional organic crystals
[abs, pdf] 139
P.Gasin, V.Feodorov, L.Dmitroglo
Thin film ZnTe-CdTe polycrystalline heterojunctionswith an intermediate ZnxCd1-xTe layer
[abs, pdf] 143
I.I.Geru, D.M.Spoiala
Influence of Fermi resonance on infrared and Raman spectra of fullerite C60
[abs, pdf] 147
Photocapacitance spectra of -As2 Se3 films determined by modified Kuhn technique
[abs, pdf] 152
V.Dorogan, I.Tiginyanu, T.Vieru, R.Sturza, H.Hartnagel, Ch.Mutamba
Photoelectrochemical etching of GaN-AlGaN heterostructures formed on sapphire substrates
[abs, pdf] 156
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