Moldavian Journal of the Physical Sciences

2002volume 1number 3



Condensed Matter Theory

Bulk Semiconductors and Dielectric Materials

Solid State Device Physics

Thin Films and Wires

Condensed Matter Structure and Mechanical properties

General Physics

Condensed Matter Theorytop
M.E. Palistrant, F.G. Kochorbe
Effect of nonmagnetic impurity on the superconducting transition temperature in high- Tc materials
[abs, pdf] 5
S. Arapan
Valence subband structure calculations of strained Si1-xGex/Si QW
[abs, pdf] 9
Bulk Semiconductors and Dielectric Materialstop
S. L. Pyshkin
Bound excitons in long-time ordered GaP:N
[abs, pdf] 14
Solid State Device Physicstop
M. Mereuta, S. Bouchoule, I. Sagnes, F. Alexandre, G. Le Roux, H.Sik, J. Decobert, A. Ougazzaden
InGa(N)As/GaAs QW laser structures grown by MOVPE
[abs, pdf] 20
G.Korotcenkov, A.Cerneavschi, V.Brinzari, A.Palagnuk, A.Cornet, J.Morante, A.Cabot, J.Arbiol
Ozone sensing properties of In2O3 films deposited by spray pyrolysis
[abs, pdf] 24
Simulator of impedances with variable character for metrology
[abs, pdf] 28
M. Barduc, E. Bobeico, A. Coval, A. Simashkevich, D. Sherban
Peculiarities of charge transport through p+Si/nSi/SiO2/n+ITO structures
[abs, pdf] 32
A. Samoletov
Chemical synapse as electric junction with unique quantum-like characteristics
[abs, pdf] 36
Thin Films and Wirestop
S.A. Baranov, M. Vazquez , V.S. Larin , A.V. Torcunov , S.I. Sandacci
Magnetic permeability of Co- based glass-coated microwire
[abs, pdf] 40
Th. Schedel-Niedrig, M. Hävecker, A. Knop-Gericke, P. Reinke, R. Schlögl, M.Ch. Lux-Steiner
Novel Prospects for a Chemical Characterization of Solid State Surfaces at High Pressure and High Temperature: In situ X-Ray orption Spectroscopy in the Soft Energy Range
[abs, pdf] 44
H. Chiriac, M. Lozovan, Maria Neagu
Galvanomagnetic properties of Co72Fe2B17Si5Mn4 amorphous ribbons
[abs, pdf] 49
N. Sulitanu, F. Brinza
Nanostructured Fe-S films with columnar grains and perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
[abs, pdf] 53
M. Rusu, A. Slaoui
Physical properties of silicon thin films prepared by RT-CVD for photovoltaic application
[abs, pdf] 57
A.M. Andriesh, S.A. Malkov, V.I. Verlan, S.V. Verlan
Electrons and holes localized states in As2S3 and As2Se3 amorphous thin layers
[abs, pdf] 61
A.M. Andriesh, V.I. Verlan
Deposition of CuInSe2 thin layers by electron-beam pulse ablation
[abs, pdf] 65
P. Gashin, A. Focsha, V. Nicorici, T. Potlog
Electrical and luminescent properties of CdSe epitaxial layers
[abs, pdf] 69
N.I. Leporda, A.D. Grozav
Long glass-coated semimetallic and semiconducting wires prepared by two different liquid phase methods
[abs, pdf] 74
Condensed Matter Structure and Mechanical propertiestop
I.A. Diacon, S.V. Donu, L.F. Chapurina
Structural particularities of crystals of mixed compounds Cu2(D-Ala)(L-Ala)(L-Ser)2 and Cu2(D-Ser)(L-Ser)(L-Ala)2
[abs, pdf] 82
Polymorphism of coordination compounds with malonic acid
[abs, pdf] 87
Dislocation-disclination mechanism of deformation under microindentation
[abs, pdf] 94
R. P.Zhitaru, N.A.Palistrant, V.A.Rahvalov
The hardening regularities of doped NaCl single crystals under uniaxial compression within the temperature interval 293-773K
[abs, pdf] 104
S. Shova
Structural function of water solvating molecules in crystal structures of m3-oxo-centred carboxylate-bridged triiron complexes
[abs, pdf] 113
General Physicstop
The He atom doubly excited states in an external field
[abs, pdf] 131
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