Moldavian Journal of the Physical Sciences

2002volume 1number 4



Topical Reviews

Condensed Matter Theory

Thin Films and Wires

Bulk Semiconductors and Dielectric Materials

Metals, Superconductors and Organic Materials

Condensed Matter Structure and Mechanical properties

Solid State Device Physics

Topical Reviewstop
S. A. Moskalenko, M. A. Liberman, D. W. Snoke, V. V. Botan
Bose-Einstein condensation of excitons in ideal 2D system in strong magnetic field
[abs, pdf] 5
Condensed Matter Theorytop
P.I.Khadzhi, L.V.Arapan
Theory of terahertz radiation generation in the case of resonant excitation of excitons in semiconductors
[abs, pdf] 19
P.I. Khadzhi, O.V. Korovai
Nonlinear surface and guided waves in symmetric three-layer structure due to generation of excitons and biexcitons in semiconductors
[abs, pdf] 25
S.A.Moskalenko, M.A.Liberman
Propagation Hanle effect of quadrupole polaritons in Cu2O
[abs, pdf] 34
V.A.Moskalenko, D.F.Digor, P.Entel, M.I.Vladimir
New approach to three-band model of cuprate superconductors
[abs, pdf] 41
M.E. Palistrant, F.G. Kochorbe
Superconductivity in non-adiabatic systems with magnetic impurity
[abs, pdf] 45
E. Sineavsky, A. Rusanov
Resonant impurity state in parabolic quantum well in the electric field
[abs, pdf] 49
F.G. Paladi, V. J. Gamurari, M. Oguni
Computer simulation studies of structural relaxation in supercooled liquids SiO2 and BeF2
[abs, pdf] 56
F. G. Paladi, V. J. Gamurari, M. Oguni
Effect of annealing in glass-transition region on anomalous generation and extinction of crystal nuclei at very low temperatures in o-benzylphenol and salol
[abs, pdf] 64
Thin Films and Wirestop
S.A. Baranov
Magnetic properties of Co-based microwire
[abs, pdf] 69
S.A. Baranov
Residual stress investigation in cast glass-covered amorphous magnetic microwire by ferromagnetic resonance method
[abs, pdf] 73
G. Buinitskaya, I. Kravetsky, L. Kulyuk, V. Mirovitskii, E. Rusu
Optical second harmonic generation in ZnO film: multiple-reflection effects
[abs, pdf] 77
I.M. Bejenari, V.G. Kantser
Electronic states in Bi quantum wires under applied longitudinal uniform magnetic field
[abs, pdf] 82
Bulk Semiconductors and Dielectric Materialstop
J. Monecke, J. Bezrukova, W. Cordts
Second harmonic generation in porous III-V compounds
[abs, pdf] 89
A.I. Kozlov, S.G.Kozlova, V.V.Sobolev
Anisotropy of optical spectra of tetragonal cadmium diphosphide
[abs, pdf] 92
E. Arushanov
Possible new material candidate for solar cell application
[abs, pdf] 96
Metals, Superconductors and Organic Materialstop
A. Sidorenko
Fractal geometry in superconductivity
[abs, pdf] 102
Condensed Matter Structure and Mechanical propertiestop
G. Patrinoiu, L. Patron, M. Gdaniec, P. Bourosh, Yu. Simonov
Synthesis and crystal structure of morpholinebiguanide dihydrochloride monohydrate, [H2Morphbig]Cl2ĚH2O
[abs, pdf] 106
Solid State Device Physicstop
V.Gladilin, I. Dementiev, S. Dmitriev, A. Melnik, E. Pokatilov
GaAs and CdTe semiconductor monocrystal based spatial light modulators
[abs, pdf] 113
Ya.I. Kerner, N.S. Popovici
Expendable sensor for structure control of environments
[abs, pdf] 117
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