Moldavian Journal of the Physical Sciences

2003volume 2number 1



Condensed Matter Structure and Mechanical Properties

Bulk Semiconductors and Dielectric Materials

Thin Films and Wires

Condensed Matter Theory

Condensed Matter Structure and Mechanical Propertiestop
S. A. Moskalenko, in collaboration with D.Z.Grabko and R.P.Zhitaru.
In memory of Yuliya Stanislavovna Boyarskaya
[abs, pdf] 5
R. P. Jitaru, N. A. Palistrant, V. A. Rahvalov, O. A. Shikimaka (Rewiew of works by Yu. S. Boyarskaya).
Mechanism of plastic deformation of crystals under microindentation
[abs, pdf] 17
M.V. Nazarov, T.A. Nazarova, S.N. Dub, G.K. Banini.
Nanoindentation, micro-indentation and cathodoluminescence of MgO crystals
[abs, pdf] 43
Bulk Semiconductors and Dielectric Materialstop
V.V. Zalamai, V.V. Ursaki, I.M. Tiginyanu, N.N. Syrbu, S. Hubbard, D. Pavlidis, A. Ghicov.
Optical characterization of strains in AlN/GaN heterostructures
[abs, pdf] 55
M.V. Calin, V.V. Ursaki, I.M. Tiginyanu, L. Syrbu, V.P. Shontea, D. Esinenco, S. Albu
Porosity controlled photoelectrical properties of GaP
[abs, pdf] 62
M. V. Nazarov, M. V. Zamoryanskaya, E-J. Popovici, L. Ungur, B.S. Tsukerblat
Luminescence of calcium tungstate phosphors doped with europium and terbium
[abs, pdf] 68
A.I. Kozlov, S.G.Kozlova, V.V.Sobolev
Optical spectra of tetragonal zinc diphosphide in wide energy range
[abs, pdf] 80
G. Chuiko, N. Don, O. Dvornik, V. Ivchenko, A. Sergeyev
Simple inverted band structure model for cadmium arsenide (Cd3As2)
[abs, pdf] 88
Thin Films and Wirestop
A. Ivashchenko, Ia. Kerner
Physical approach to improvement of semiconductor gas sensors based on SnO2 thin films
[abs, pdf] 95
Soft magnetic Co-based amorphous microwire
[abs, pdf] 103
Condensed Matter Theorytop
S. Cojocaru
Spin and orbital excitations on finite chain
[abs, pdf] 106
S. Cojocaru
Some exact expressions for Greenís function of finite chain
[abs, pdf] 114
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