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World year of PHYSICS 2005


CHIŞINĂU, 19 – 21 OCTOBER 2005

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Conference of Physicists of Moldova (CFM-2005) with international participation is organized by the Moldovian Physical Society as a collective member of the European Physical Society, Academy of Sciences of Moldova and the Universities of Moldova. The Conference will distinguish and discuss urgent problems of physics on the world and internal level, it will encourage scientific contacts and mutual acquaintance with the activities of members of the Moldovian Physical Society (MPS) and foreign physicists, it will promote connections between men of science, culture, education and different fields of national economy. Major directions of researches in universities and research institutes will be marked. A special attention will be paid to applied aspects of physics and interaction with industry, energetics, computer science, protection of surroundings, medicine and other fields.

CFM-2005, organized by the Moldovian Physical Society with support of the Academy of Sciences and the European Physical Society is of a special importance, since the year 2005 is declared the International Year of Physics.

CFM-2005 will cover a wide range of branches which will be included in the following sections:

  1. Condensed Matter Physics
  2. Problems of Theoretical Physics
  3. Physics and Engineering of Materials
  4. Physics and Modern Technologies
  5. Physical Engineering and Technical Equipment
  6. Physical Technologies in Energetics
  7. Computational Physics and Computer Science
  8. Physics and Education
  9. Geophysics, Physics of Atmosphere and Protection of Surroundings
  10. Physical Methods and Equipment in Medicine and Biology

Within the frameworks of the Conference there will be organized the Symposia of Students and Pupils which will take place on the 21st October. The Symposia will include the scientific presentations of students and pupils from Universities and Educational Centre.

The Conference will include invited lectures in plenary sessions by invitation of the program committee (I), a limited number of parallel sessions of oral communications (o) and extended poster sessions (p).

Within the frameworks of the Conference there will be organized round-table talks on problems of wide interests (scientific policy, physics in the system of education, physics and problems of society, etc.). Contributions and suggestions on these themes should be submitted to the address of secretariat, in attention of the program committee.

Scientific Consultative Committee:

  • Gh.Duca (Moldova)
  • J.I.Alferov (Rusia)
  • E.Burzo (România)
  • I.Bostan (Moldova)
  • E.Arushanov (Moldova)
  • A.Andrieş (Moldova)
  • M.Bologa (Moldova)
  • D.Ghiţu (Moldova)
  • A.Drumea (Moldova)
  • S.Moscalenco (Moldova)
  • V.Moscalenco (Moldova)
  • A.Simaşchevici (Moldova)
  • E.Pocotilov (Moldova)
  • T.Şişianu (Moldova)
  • I.Diaconu (Moldova)

Organizing Committee:


V.Kantser, I.Tighineanu


L.Culiuc, V.Dorogan, P.Gaugaş, I.Geru

Conference secretaries::

E.Condrea, O.Şikimaka, S. Carlig


D.Şerban, D.Meglei, L.Konopko, G.Conunov, V.Bivol, V.Alcaz, V.Berzan, P.Gaşin, I.Balmuş, E.Rusu, V.Şontea, E.Georghiţă, V.Guţan, C.Gherman, I.Scutelnic, M.Iovu, O.Kulicov, I.Evtodiev

Program committee:

Condensed Matter Physics
L.Culic, V.Moscalenco, P.Hadji, A.Sidorenko, D.Digor, V.Ţurcan, D.Grabco, T.Munteanu, A.Casian
Problems of Theoretical
S.Moscalenco, E. Pocotilov, M.Palistrant, N.Enache, I.Geru, V.Gamurari, M.Vladimir, D.Digor, I.Belousov, C.Gudima
Physics and Engineering of Materials
I.Tighineanu, A.Andrieş, E.Aruşanov, Iu.Simonov, M.Iovu, N.Popovici, N.Sîrbu, P.Bodiul
Physics and Modern Technologies
V.Canţer, T.Şişianu,V.Dorogan, V.Bivol, V.Cheibaş, E.Badinter, G.Korotcenkov, A.Nicolaev, V.Ursachi
hysical Engineering and Technical Equipment
M.Bologa, A.Dicusar, S. Dimitrache, A. Lupaşco,S.Băncilă, D.Ţiuleanu, P.Dumitraş, E.Pasinkovschi
Physical Technologies in Energetics
A.Simaşchevici ,V.Postolatii, D.Şerban, V.Musteaţă, V.Arion, V.Berzan, V.Trofim
Computational Physics and Computer Science
D.Nedeoglo, V.Enache, N.Balmuş, V.Şontea, A.Popescu , V.Beşliu
Physics and Education
Todos P.Gaşin, N.Filip , E.Rusu, I.Holban, A.Marinciuc, S.Cartofeanu, L.Gorceac
Geophysics, Physics of Atmosphere and Protection of Surroundings
A.Drumea, V.Alcaz, A.Aculinin, E.Zasaviţchi
Physical Methods and Equipment in Medicine and Biology
D.Ghiţu, A.Rotaru, Iu.Nica, I.Diaconu, V.Rudenko
Symposia of Students and Pupils
I.Balmuş, E.Georghiţă, Ş.Tiron, V.Cheptea, I.Evtodiev, Iu.Malcoci, S. Cârlig

Presentation of works

The authors are kindly requested to send the abstracts limited to a maximum of one (or two) page printed in two copies in Romanian or English and the electronic version by e-mail ( or to present the abstract on the diskette to the Conference secretariat (dr.E.Condrea: tel. 73 90 33 or dr.O.Shikimaka: tel.73 81 09).

With a view to publication of the book of abstracts the authors are requested to present the text in Romanian or English in the following form: A4, "Times New Roman" type font, 11pt, single-spaced, margins of 2.5 cm, title (14pt) centered, bold, names of the authors (11pt), institution and address (11pt, italic). Please, use 1.5 space between the title and the authors and between the authors and affiliation.

Please, specify section and mode of presentation (o/p), the author and full address (fax, e-mail, etc.) for correspondence and information.

Deadline for presentation of works is July 30, 2005.

The authors who want to publish their works in the Moldavian Journal of the Physical Sciences and Fizica si tehnologiile moderne (Physics and Modern Technologies)should submit to the secretariat at the beginning of the Conference the respective texts edited in accordance with the rules indicated by the journals.

Organization details

The Conference will be held in the Institute of Applied Physics (Academiei str. 5, Chisinau, MD 2028, The Republic of Moldova).

The registration fee is 50 lei (3,5 euro) and includes the book of abstracts, the portfolio, the program, etc.

Language of Conference: Romanian or English (by preference).

Participation coupon

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The participants of the Conference are kindly requested to send detachable (copied) participation coupon from the present circular by post or by e-mail for preliminary account of participants and eventual communications to the Conference secretariat: or


  • July, 30 - presentation of abstracts
  • September, 15 - confirmation of acceptance
  • September, 25 - deadline for hotel reservation


Update 15 iun 2005 Copyright Societatea fizicienilor din Moldova, LISES