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Functional engineering units and microtransducers for systems and products of intellectual electronics for industry, agriculture, and ecology

Code: 11.817.05.08A
Title: Functional engineering units and microtransducers for systems and products of intellectual electronics for industry, agriculture, and ecology
Programme: Institutional Projects (Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development)
Execution period: 2011-2014
Institutions: Ghitu Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies, ASM
Project Leader: Sidorenko Anatolie, dr. hab., prof.
Participants: Laboratory of CryogenicsLaboratory of Electronics of Low Dimensional Structures,Section of Metrology and Measurement Systems
Keywords: Computer-aided system, Stirling, milimetric waves, metrology


Proposed Project consists of four objectives:
Objective 1. We intend to construct a system of computer-aided monitoring and control of the temperature and humidity conditions of engineering and utility service facilities, which is a software and hardware complex for reliable measuring the state of indoor climate and the environment, and to use obtained data for transferring control actions to the actuating mechanisms of engineering equipment. A transducer for measuring low excess pressures (0-0.063 MPa) and temperature as well as sensors of humidity, illumination, and barometric pressure will be developed. A system for the acquisition and transmission of information will be constructed. Accessory software for testing and debugging of the developed electronic devices will be created. A device for determining the critical currents of nanostructured microbridges of superconductors will be designed. The methods of instrument engineering and microelectronic technologies will be applied. The expected outcome is the construction of a computer-aided system, sensors for it, and the production of devices.
Objective 2. Working out of systems for generating constant and an alternating current with the aim of reception of the electric power from renewed sources. The electric power will be generated by transformation of energy received from rotation of the generator by engine Stirling, working on the difference of temperatures received from burning of a various waste or from the concentration of solar beams. Fabrication of mechanical parts of the engine Stirling and elaboration of electric and electronic parts of the system.
Objective 3. Working out of devices of millimetric waves for an irradiation of live objects with the aim of designing of universal devices with the expanded parametres regarding frequency and parametres of modulation of frequency and amplitude.
Objective 4. Development of metrological services for the research carried out by the ASM. Development of measurement methods for imported equipment have been purchased by institutions of ASM.